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Glenna Batson


Newbridge, Co. Kildare

Tel: 045 435364   Mobile: 085 2549010

Contact Glenna directly to arrange individual lessons.

About Glenna

My career has taken me down four intertwined paths: dance, body-mind education (Somatics), human movement science, and rehabilitation medicine. Dance has been a vital source of inspiration and embodied knowledge, both personally and professionally. My mother was a modern dancer who trained with contemporary dance pioneers Ruth St. Denis and Hanya Holm, as well as performed as a Far East Asian dance soloist. I have always studied some form of dance all my life – modern, jazz, ethnic and ballroom and earned a Masters degree in dance education.

For twenty-two years, I was a professor of physiotherapy (Masters and Doctor of Science) for the North Carolina State University system. I pioneered a number of research projects in integrative medicine, studying the effects on balance of these different complementary approaches: Alexander Technique and motor imagery for the community elderly and elite dancers, and improvisational dance for Parkinson’s disease.

Current Teaching

My husband and I relocated to Ireland in summer of 2017 where I teach privately in Newbridge, Co. Kildare.I love designing customised programmes for mindful self-care and skill enhancement. I am enthused by seeing people become empowered through embodied learning at any age and stage of life.

At the center of my work is a commitment to ethical practice of mind-body-spirit integration. The Alexander Technique community is resourceful, supportive, and inclusive. Everyone can find benefit. The Technique offers many options to finding holism and harmony in living. I have advocated for this work since I qualified in 1989 (school), teaching in over 13 countries worldwide. In 2015, I co-directed the 10th World Congress for the Alexander Technique at the University of Limerick in 2015. In 2014, two of my books were published: Body and Mind in Motion: Dance and Neuroscience in Conversation and (as co-editor and contributor) Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities: Contemporary Sacred Narratives.

My Clients

Adults with chronic discomfort due to poor posture, arthritis, or poorly rehabilitated injuries.

Seniors with balance problems or those with neurological problems (Parkinson's) needing specific coaching in self-care.

Movement artists (dancers, musicians, actors, yoga practitioners and other movement enthusiasts).

Is the Alexander Technique for you? How might you benefit from learning how to move with greater ease and freedom in daily life?

  • Seniors - Would you like to regain a spring in your step and feel more confident in your balance?
  • Adults - What pleasures in life would await you if you were free from the chronic discomfort of poor posture?
  • Musicians and Dancers - What freedom of expression might arise from painless performing?

For further information, book a private appointment, or book a place in a workshop, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

Glenna is Assistant Director on the Alexander Technique Training Centre Ireland training course. See'