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Aisling Centre, 37 Darling St, Enniskillen

Pain Problems? Reduce Pain, Improve Mobility!

Morning Class with Sarah Compton     View Sarah's Profile >>

Monday 23rd October - Monday 4th December 2017
Start & End Times: Mon 10:30 AM - Mon 12:30 PM

Seven week morning class.
- Reduce musculo-skeletal pain and stiffness
- Free up back, neck & shoulders etc
- Learn to move more easily
Practical skills for daily life.

'Sarah is an expert in movement. Her course changes lives'
Mary Deehan, Psychotherapist

Free information session Monday 9th Oct, 11-12 noon, Aisling Centre.

Limited to 12 places: booking essential.
Concessions £50

More info:

Cost: £70

How to Book: Please contact teacher directly
Telephone (+44) 07851 705519   Email: